Hands on in China

My phoned beeped at 5:50 AM yesterday morning. It was my client. I had been preparing his patent specification over the weekend with his prototype on my desk and I forgot to take it to work with me. He needed to take it with him to China because the factory just couldn’t get it right. He would be back with the corrected prototype in a matter of days.

That’s an example of one of my successful clients. Others package the product and courier it back. Or they try to sort things out over the phone or by email. That cycle lasts about a month and any further adjustments require further cycles.

Success in China demands a hands-on approach. I even have a client who has built a factory in China to ensure quality control. It is not possible to get success remotely. As with most business, success depends on personal relationships. Don’t be afraid to foster personal relationships with your contacts in China.


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