Apple Gets $1.05 Billion Verdict

Here's a good article. And here is Patently-O's report.

I won't comment since I haven't read the patents and the decisions. Too busy keeping track of things this side of the Pacific. Those two articles should put you in the picture.

At this stage, I'm not sure whether to feel guilty about having my Samsung (r) phone. As some of my closer friends know, I'm no fan of Apple (r). But that's because of their corporate personality rather than their products or Intellectual Property. I also really like the Android (r) operating system.

As for the judgement - I have been practising for 25 years and I still find aspects of the law difficult to grasp, particularly since it is constantly changing and is full of nuances and subtleties. Indeed, I often find US practice illogical and a bit baffling. So I am extremely skeptical of the effectiveness of a jury in cases like this. Could there be a bit of bias going on? A Korean upstart against an American darling? But that's unqualified, so I won't say more.

I do look forward to following this story. And no, I won't be switching to Apple (r). Perhaps Google (r) will release a phone soon with all that Motorola (r) IP that it purchased. That would be cool.


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