16 December 2011

Big Bash Out for a Duck

The other day I was busy attempting to fight off the ravages of old age by moving some weights around in my garage. I enjoy listening to "Hot Tomato", a popular local radio station when I do this kind of thing.

My ears pricked up when I heard one of the presenters complain, jokingly, about the branding used by the "Big Bash League", a cricket tournament between various clubs around Australia. The presenter felt that not much thought had been given to the team names. I must agree. Let's see what we have.

"Adelaide Strikers" - not even a scintilla of imagination.
" Brisbane Heat" - sounds like a police show.
"Hobart Hurricanes" - what starts with "H"?
"Melbourne Renegades" - this is cricket...not some revived glam rock band...
"Melbourne Stars" - Ooh, that must have been difficult...

Australia is a vast land full of exciting words and imagery. And this is what they come up with?  Sad, really...

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