Patent Attorneys Expensive?

Here's an excellent article from IPWatchdog - You may think it has little relevance because it's a US-based article.  That would be dangerous.  Your Australian patent attorney is often tasked with preparing patent specifications that have to stand scrutiny in the US.  After all, most Australian entrepreneurs are looking for a berth in that massive market. 

In short, the article argues that you get what you pay for.  That's perenially true.  A decent patent attorney will attempt to wear many jurisdictional hats when preparing your patent specification.  If the job seems expensive remember that he or she is potentially trying to garner an exclusive international monopoly for you. That specification could find itself in front of a patent examiner in Europe, where the need for good drafting is perhaps more acute than in the US. And people pay half a million dollars for a house on an irrelevant patch of land...

Never forget the golden rule in drafting:  if it's not there when you file the International Application, you won't be able to add it later.  That means as much material as possible presented with great skill if you want a decent specification.


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