International Applications Dip in 2009

As I mentioned earlier, overall international applications were down 4.5% in 2009. This brings the level back to just under 2007 figures. A full report can be found here.

I was concerned to see that Australia dropped by 7.5%, particularly since we escaped the worst of the recession. The US, which was one of the hardest hit, dropped by 11.4%. Interestingly, Japan, also one of the hardest hit, actually grew by 3.6%. This is an indication of how IP ownership is shifting East, particularly when one considers the growth in a number of other East Asian countries. As usual, those countries suffer less from the West's short-term knee-jerk syndrome when it comes to investing in the future. We should take heed.

The greatest declines related to computer technology -10.6%, pharmaceuticals -8.0% and medical technology -5.9%.

Hopefully 2010 will be better.


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