ABA - Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference

I am delighted to be part of a prestigious panel of presenters at the ABA's 25th Annual IP Law Conference.

The panel will be discussing patent procurement in China, Europe and Australia and we are also joined by one of the Directors of WIPO. That is particularly interesting given that foreign patent procurement is usually via the PCT that is governed by WIPO. Preparing an international patent application to be filed under the PCT is fraught with difficulties because of the need to take a large number of countries into consideration at a very early stage. Therefore, no doubt significant time will be spent on what us practitioners can do to smooth the way for prosecution in the major jurisdictions. The discussion will also be interesting because it should highlight some strategies that can be adopted to speed up enforcement.

Please email me at barry@beagar.com.au if you want any further information or a copy of the brochure.


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