Trade mark registration - keep it simple

I attended a networking breakfast this morning. Striking up a conversation with a small business owner, I heard that she had visited a firm in an attempt to get some advice regarding trade mark protection. Apparently, she'd been told to "get protection" for the words, the logo, another logo, etc, etc. Clearly, what was going on here was a classic case of milking. Instead of getting fees for one trade mark application, she would have had to pay for a number of trade mark applications. Of course, she baulked. The delay may have cost her an advantage in the market place.

My advice was to keep it simple. Protect the words first, you can worry about the rest later. It's important to remember that a plain word registered trade mark will protect your reputation as it grows by word of mouth. Logos and images are only visual and cannot be conveyed by word of mouth. Also, use of logos and images together with the word may only serve to dilute your message - read this article:

Give me a call or drop me a note if you want to hear more about a simple, straightforward approach to trade mark registration.


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