Patents are Liquid Assets

Peter Zura's 271 Patent Blog reports that Ocean Tomo has recently announced that an Intellectual Property auction held on 2 April 2008 had cumulative sales totalling $19,629,500. So much for the recession!

One of the lots - an IP portfolio related to the processing of digital data in bit streams, sold for $6,600,000.

There were three other transactions in the seven-figure range relating to computer systems and software, information management and data systems, and location based services and logistics.

The Intellectual Asset Management Blog said that organizations are willing to pay top dollar when they come across assets they want to get their hands on. For example RIM (Research in Motion) last week announced that it had spent over $300 million on acquiring intangible assets in the 4th quarter of its financial year.

Patent brokerage, IPotential, raised $104 million for clients in 29 transactions.

Have a look at this excellent "on the scene" report from the Ocean Tomo auction. It's a stab in the heart for the anti-software patent lobby, which pleases me!


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