Lockwood Recovers Costs

Lockwood Security Products Pty Ltd v Doric Products Pty Ltd (No.2) [2007] FCAFC 172 (16 November 2007)

Those of you who have been following the Lockwood v Doric saga may be interested to learn that the Full Federal Court has awarded Lockwood costs on a party and party basis, subject to a discount of 15 per cent on the costs of the trial and 20 per cent on the costs of the second Full Court appeal.

Doric was successful in the second Full Court case in establishing that it did not infringe certain claims. That finding was not challenged by Lockwood in the second High Court appeal. Their honours held that Doric should have the benefit of its success on those issues, hence the discount.

See my posts of 14 July 2007 and 30 January 2006 related to this matter.


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